Monday, January 3, 2011

Writing about writing

Gah! Hey! Another blog about writing. Yay!

I'm using this space to put up a few select excerpts, short stories and maybe a few ramblings about the writing process. But to be honest, it will mostly serve as a device to derail the argument of, "Hey, I've never seen any of your writing," or "It's pointless if no one ever reads it."

Here you go, naysayers!

A little background. Dan Brian, a writing history.

I wrote my first short story when I was in 3rd grade, which was a thinly veiled synopsis of the film, "The Terminator." The fact that I had seen "The Terminator" at 8 years old should give you some idea of my father's dedication to the SciFi genre and what shaped my reading/writing curriculum. The years that followed, I became a closeted writer, attempting to keep numerous journals, penning and very poorly illustrating my first comic book in 4th grade (Ice Man vs. Torch Man, uhgg...) and even after getting in a fight with some neighborhood kids in 5th grade, I attempted to write a street newspaper where I would slander these kids' names in pages of print. That is some nerd revenge right there. "I WILL DAMN YOU IN THE PAGES OF FICTION! For they are eternal!"

By high school I was a full fledged book worm and attempted to take writing more seriously. I was the only kid, I knew, in high level English courses while dwelling in stupidly low math courses. Seriously, only one level above SPED. But I still tried to hide my writing. I would print it out and give it to other honers level English friendos and say something to effect of, "Hey, I found this cool short story on the internet. Can you look at it and give me your thoughts?"

By some miracle, I made it to college and took a few years to ogle the works of Hunter Thompson and other Beat journalists, while developing a self-conscious, uber-music hipster complex. I stopped writing science fiction and started working for a paper as a production artist along side some kind editors that would grant me a few column inches to ramble about the latest White Stripes record. I moved up to glossy, music mags, interviewing many awesome rap and rock artists, until the music mag industry folded (which I think was around 2005-6, but I didn't stop until 2009 somewhere).

A month ago, after years of shunning serious attempts at writing fiction, I participated in National Novel Writing Month, a month long challenge to write a 50k+ word novel in 30 days. I can now strike life-long goal #2 off my list: Write a novel. #1 is to travel to space (which I may accomplish in death). After finishing NaNoWriMo, I immediately began working on a short story and am now finding that my fiction is seeing a homecoming. This blog is a product of that.

Enjoy the ride as I try to develop some retarded semblance of 'writing chops.'

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